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One Day Conference
Women’s Health:
Natural Solutions
1st July 2017

Registration: 9.00am
Meditation: 9.30am
Session 10.00 -11.00: Nutrigenomics: Worth getting out of bed for.
Speaker: Tara Canning Dip. Nut, Dip. NLP. Masterchef.
11.30am: Break
12.00: Herbs for preconception and fertility. Can herbs be safely used alongside allopathic
medicine and what do the lab test results indicate.
Speaker: Lara Jonasdottir. BSc Herbal Medicine.
1.00-2.00pm: Lunch
Session 2-3pm: Treating the Breastfeeding mother and baby with herbs
Speaker: Dr Dilis Clare MBBCh, DRCOG, BSc Hherbal Medicine
3-3.30pm: Break
3.30-4.45pm: Tracing the Landscape of the Female Body from Within.
This experiential workshop will explore mother, place and creativity through a series of gentle
facilitated exercises using the deep wisdom of the body. Using experiential anatomy, medita-
tion and contemplative movement, expect curiosity, creativity and care.
Speaker: Bernadette Divilly MA
4.45-5.00pm: Winding down.
5pm Parting of the ways.
Cost: IIMH members: included in membership.
Herbalists/Nutritionists: Cost: €55
Public: €55
Low Income: €35
Herbal Medicine Students: €20 (Bring evidence of course you are currently attending.

Venue: This is a very special venue dedicated to healing energies.
Ard na Rí, Clanmacnoise. Co Oaly.
Ard Na Ri was founded in 1999 overlooking and adjacent to the seven churches and two
round towers of Clonmacnoise. It means King of Kings or spirituality of spirituality. Many
world renowned authors have given workshops here including Niall Donald Walsche and
Caroline Myss. The essence of this Sacred Site is based on Creative Geometry exploring
Consciousness through it’s many levels with Pyramid and Crystal power as incorporated into
it’s Pyramid and Energy Vortices.. Like the Buttery your presence here is a Becoming – Met
amorphic Experience, “A Darkness into Light” awakening in you the presence of Spirit and
an awareness of the Illusory Egoic Mind and it’s Pain Body.
Three pyramids have been built at this site with the knowledge of sacred geometry, by Dr.
Eric Dilworth, a 3rd dimensional pyramid, a 5th dimensional pyramid and a 7th dimensional
pyramid. Eric hs recently graduated from University of East London as a Medical Herbalist.
In you own time during the day you can walk the labyrinth, meditate, and journey through
the dimensions, in silence, in your own unique way.,+Clonmacnoise,+Co.+Of-

Organised by:
Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists
Your Team of Speakers
Tara Canning
There is a growing interest in the application of nu-
trigenetics/nutrigenomics as a clinical tool. Nutrige-
netics and nutrigenomics are dened as the science of the
eect of genetic variation on dietary response and the role
of nutrients and bioactive food compounds in gene expres-
sion, respectively.
Tara will share her experience in this eld from a function
al medicine viewpoint and present a case study.
Tara is a Registered Nutritionist, NLP and Functional Medicine Practitioner.
She is an award winning advanced chef with many years of experience in the food in-
dustry right through to Michelin Star level.
Every year Tara is invited to lecture in various colleges, businesses and health bodies on
nutrition. The combination of her food knowledge and expertise in nutrition compli-
ment her passion to educate through practical advice and science. She has also designed
many classes with this in mind.
Tara created the Thyroid Program in response to the exponential growth of Thyroid
disorders in Ireland.
She also leads the team based Digestion Clinic and based her own dissertation on the use
of various strains of probiotics for IBS and other digestive disorders.

Dr Dilis Clare
Dr Clare is passionate about promoting breast feeding without
stressing or pressuring mothers about the rights and wrongs of
what is a natural but sometimes dicult choice.
She is a leading authority on Herbal Medicine in Europe. As a
qualied GP and medical herbalist she oers the best of both
orthodox and herbal medicine. She is the clinical director at her
collaborative health clinic Dr Clare’s Apothecary in Galway.
Dr Clare has graduated from University College Dublin Medical School (MBBCh, DRCOG)
and from Middlesex University BSc(Hons) Herbal Medicine. She has been in full time Collabora-
tive Medical Care since 1999. She is also an Hon. Clinical Fellow at National University Galway,
College of Medicine.
Lara Jonasdottir
This presentation considers an interpretation of available knowledge
to help us make useful clinical judgments when choosing herbs for
this eld of medicine.
With almost 10 years of clinical experience and a Post Grad. Di-
ploma in Herbal Medicine for Women’s Health (Aviva Romm MD)
Lara is eminently qualied to deliver this lecture based on practical
experience and academic study. She is building a database of clinical
herb drug actions from rst principle knowledge of plant and drug
Lara rst became interested in herbs for their medicinal eects during her oristry training in the
Agricultural College in Iceland. This led her to move to London to study Clinical Herbal Medi-
cine. Since graduating from University of Westminster, Lara has undertaken further herbal medi-
cine studies including a 2 year Herbal Medicine training programme provided by David Winston,
a leading Herbalist based in the US as well as an ‘Herbal Medicine for Women’ course provided
by Dr. Aviva Romm.
She is currently studying for a Masters in Teaching Clinical Medicine in National University of
Ireland Galway.
Lara is a qualied massage and reexology therapist.
She is a mother of two young girls, she enjoys cooking, singing, music, handcraft, art, oristry and
so much more.
Lara Jonasdottir is a member of the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists (IIMH) and the National
Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH)

Bernadette Divilly
Inspiration and aspiration for the session.
“We share a primordial wisdom, a knowledge of how to make home. Our rst home is inside
the sacred tissue of our mothers’ bodies. This is the rst relationship with place that we re
member deep in the cellular oceans of our being”.
“I have been working over 30 years with womens’ health and well-being in health education,
humanistic psychotherapy and dance movement psychotherapy. My most recent research in-
terest is the convergence of place-making with implantation themes of the early stages of our
developmental histories.”
Bernadette Divilly is a Dance Artist, Choreographer, Professional Member of Dance Ireland,
Galway Dance Project .
Aliated artist and member of Ómós Áite: Space/Place Research Network, based at the
Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway, Member of the Third Space -Artist Research Reading
Recipient of Arts Council Project Award for Arts Participation 2014 – 2015, supported by
City Arts Oce
MA Somatic Psych/Dance Movement Therapy, MIACAT, MIAHIP, Senior DMT Psycho-
Her professional practice involves working with authentic movement, depth psychology ,
body mind movement and developmental work from conception to death. She works from a
humanistic integrative perspective supported by a contemplative approach.
Tel: 085 1260931 Website:
Phone: 091 583260