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Asthma is an allergic condition and involves the spasmodic contraction of the bronchi in the lungs usually following exercise, emotional tension, infection, allergens, pollens, house duct, pets etc. resulting in obstruction of the airways with wheezing and difficulty

Herbal Medicine has a long history of use in asthma treatment and can be very effective in reducing or eliminating the need for other forms of medication. However, such use is best done under the supervision of a qualified Medical Herbalist.

Nevertheless there is a lot you can do for yourself to help with symptoms and reduce repeated infections.

Foods such as milk, corn, wheat, eggs, nuts, chocolate and indeed all dairy products can cause problems and make the condition worse. Often removing dairy or wheat from the diet is recommended especially with repeated infections and thick mucus production. It is important to remember that all of the above foods are staple foods that are eaten every
day. Therefore careful consideration needs to be given to their removal both from a nutritional and financial point of view. Alternative foods can be significantly more expensive and where a food(s) have been removed from the diet an alternative source needs to be substituted for it. Always try one food at a time and for a maximum period of one month other wise you will not know which food is helping or not. Additionally, seek advice if you are unsure.

Probably more important is to watch the amount of salt and fat (animal) in the diet. A lot of processed foods even those aimed at children contain high levels of salt and salt levels have been linked with more pronounced symptoms in a number of chest conditions. Plant (nuts and seeds) and fish oils together with fresh fruit and vegetables are very
important in helping the body fight infections and defend itself against the stimulants (duct, smoke, pollens, exercise, etc) that cause or exacerbate the symptoms of asthma.

Within foods garlic is probably the most important to include. Use it in your food and together with onions and leeks has valuable properties, which fight infection and helps reduce repeated infections. A simple way to use garlic with children is to soak a few chopped up cloves on oil (olive, sunflower, etc) for a few hours in a warm place. The
garlic soaked oil can be rubbed on the soles of the child’s feet when needed.

Remember prevention is better than cure and the more you can keep your lungs clear and infections down the better you are.


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