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Fitness to Practice

The IIMH takes seriously its regulatory remit on behalf of its members and the general public. It thus sees its role not only to facilitate and promote the practice of herbal medicine but to ensure that its members are capable and suitable to practice as an independent practitioners. 

We look to supporting your core competencies not just with initial training but throughout your whole career as a Medical Herbalist.




It is important to ensue that you have the capacity to perform key skills and tasks required to practice as a Medical Herbalist.

It is also important to ensure that you understand the ethical issues that arise in the practice of a Medical Herbalist and can address these in a suitable manner and without harm to your patients,

That you have a healthy mind and body again so that you can practice well as a Medical Herbalist,

Finally, that you understand what it means to conduct and behave in a manner likely not to harm the reputation of their profession.