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How to join IIMH

fotolia_56213598Direct applications are for ordinary member, overseas member and student member. Other forms of membership are awarded by Council.

Applications are considered initially to the Accreditation committee and If the academic council is satisfied with your documentation then a request for membership is forwarded to Council for final approval.

Ordinary and Overseas Member
Joining the IIMH requires just a few things
1)    Application form
2)    Evidence of qualifications
3)    Garda clearance (Ordinary Members only)


1)   Please upload the application form

2)    Evidence of qualifications
Accepted directly
a)    Documentation from an approved training college
b)    NIMH membership

May necessitate additional requirements
a)    IIMH lapsed membership
b)    Qualifications other than from approved training colleges

3)    To be organized as part of the application process for ordinary members only.

Student Member
Joining the IIMH requires just a few things
1)    Application form
2)    Evidence of enrolment at an approved training college

Please contact us if you have any questions