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Boswellia and Cancer

11th May 2017
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Collaborative cancer treatment; a Role for herbal medicines Cancer is many diseases, with many different organs affected. They affect each person in a unique way. We have long given up on the miracle drug, the universal cancer fix. Debate about the benefit of different approaches is long past debating but few positively promote a collaborate […]

Menopause and Herbal Management

11th May 2017
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Menopause and Herbal Management Dr Dilis Clare The menopause is a process of change It mirrors the changes at puberty It takes 18 months to 2-3 years 1/3 of women have no problems 1/3 have mild to moderate problems 1/3 have moderate to severe problems Herbs support all the changes not just the hormones oestrogen […]

Clinical Training with Dr Clare and Lara Jonasdottir for those furthering their education in Herbal Medicine

15th March 2017
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Dr Clare offers clinical training in her clinic which may be accredited by your college. Attending the clinic offers experience in Herbal Medicine Dispensing and observing clinical practice. Dr Clare has an associated community herb garden.  Dr Clare works as part of a clinical team with Lara Jonasdottir as a herbal medicine colleague. Lara has a BSc […]

Do Herbal Medicines Work

6th February 2017
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But do they work? Trying out herbal medicine In the age of modern medicine we find out how the other half lives Tue, Jan 31, 2017 Peter McGuire