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Clinical Training with Dr Clare and Lara Jonasdottir for those furthering their education in Herbal Medicine

15th March 2017
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Dr Clare offers clinical training in her clinic which may be accredited by your college. Attending the clinic offers experience in Herbal Medicine Dispensing and observing clinical practice. Dr Clare has an associated community herb garden.  Dr Clare works as part of a clinical team with Lara Jonasdottir as a herbal medicine colleague. Lara has a BSc […]

Do Herbal Medicines Work

6th February 2017
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But do they work? Trying out herbal medicine In the age of modern medicine we find out how the other half lives Tue, Jan 31, 2017 Peter McGuire

Adaptogens & Nervines

17th December 2016
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Ian Breakspear delivered a presentation on Adaptogens and Nervines at the NHAA Sydney Chapter Meeting. For those who couldn’t attend, here is a quick summary by Dr. Dilis Clare. Summary of Presentation The idea of herbal pairs is an old one, but is often not discussed in Western herbal medicine today. The concept revolves around […]