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Continuous Professional Development

Supporting your Professional Development

The IIMH fully supports the professional development of our members so that they can maintain and expand their clinical practice and/ or research expertise.  We see it as imperative that members who joined the IIMH at a high standard of education, skills and training maintain that expertise. Continuous Professional Development or CPD is therefore structured so that members can avail of a wide range of seminars and workshops on a variety of topics. To facilitate this process much of the CPD offered by the IIMH is via seminar base e-learning. Members can therefore attend the seminar in their own home. They can also view the recording and notes at their own leisure.

CPD aims to further the practitioner’s knowledge in his/her field so that he/she remains up to date with current research in various areas of Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Social and Research issues. CPD has until recently been undertaken on a voluntary basis. The IIMH has reviewed this and concluded that it is in the interest of members to have a more formal compulsory CPD process.

We are strongly encouraging our members to update their knowledge for their own professional use, which is a natural part of being a Medical Herbalist.

It is expected that, on average, each member will complete 100 hours of continuing professional development activity  (CPD) per year spread across internal (maintenance of knowledge and skills), external (practice evaluation and development), personal learning and research/teaching categories.