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Medical Herbalist

Medical Herbalists employ a blended approach to the practice of Herbal Medicine using the best of traditional knowledge together with modern research.

Herbalists adopt a holistic approach in treating patients. This means that  the underlying cause
of any problem is sought and treated rather than symptoms  alone since treatment or suppression of symptoms does not necessarily restore  a person to health. Herbalists aim to restore the balance
of the body thereby  enabling it to mobilise its own healing powers.


When you go to a herbalist –  you will receive  lifestyle advice and plant based  medicines and nutritional supplements may be prescribed.

Patients  can be assured that IIMH members prescribe herbs safely and that herbs can be
used to treat a comprehensive range of health conditions, either on their own or alongside prescribed pharmaceutical medications.

If you are concerned about your health or would like to improve it, why not contact a member of the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists today.

Current  training for medical herbalists is a BSc. Degree in Herbal Medicine  which includes medical and herbal science plus supervised clinical practice.

The training programme incorporates a traditional approach to the use and  understanding of
herbs in combination with knowledge from modern research and  studies.
The use of herbs in conjunction with orthodox medicine is studied  in detail. Medical herbalists belonging to IIMH follow standard professional  and ethical procedures in both clinical practice and dispensing.